Procedures offered by the Catalan Water Agency

Procedures offered by the Catalan Water Agency
Procedures Group
Procedures related to the control and safety record of dams, reservoirs and ponds  Enllaç enternDams and reservoirs security
Wastewater discharge autorizations  Enllaç enternDischarges
Construction work and activities of public water resource areas and riverbed police-zones(H0363)  Enllaç enternEnvironmental works and activities
Declaration navigation responsible rivers or reservoirs (H0358)  Enllaç enternEnvironmental works and activities
Delineation of public riverbeds (demarcation) (H0380)  Enllaç enternEnvironmental works and activities
Installations related to the boating activity in surface water (H0368)  Enllaç enternEnvironmental works and activities
Communication of exploitations of ground waters until 7000 m3/any, includes the pluvial waters, transmissions, modifications of characteristics, extinctions and cessions (H0345)  Enllaç enternWater exploitation
Concession of surface waters and drilling, except 7,000 m3/year wells and rain waters (H0330, H0337, H0348, H0338)  Enllaç enternWater exploitation
Constitution of a water users' community (H0327)  Enllaç enternWater exploitation
Installation of a geothermal system (H0397)  Enllaç enternWater exploitation
Previous administrative authorization for the perforation of wells until 7000 m3/any in zone of policeman and/or aquifer protected (H0346)  Enllaç enternWater exploitation
Temporary water diversion (H0309)  Enllaç enternWater exploitation
Water Register Certificate application form (H0399)  Enllaç enternWater exploitation
B6 - Quarterly water volume declaration  Enllaç enternWater rate
Bracket extension request for families with 3 or more members  Enllaç enternWater rate
DUCA - Declaration of Water Use and Pollution  Enllaç enternWater rate
Declaration of water use standards and efficiency  Enllaç enternWater rate
Deferring Catalan Water Agency (ACA) tax payments or paying in instalments  Enllaç enternWater rate
Direct debit order  (Document en format Acrobat. )Water rate
Opening Statement Data (DID)  Enllaç enternWater rate
Social water rate  Enllaç enternWater rate
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